Materials, Presentations, Etc.

  • Streiffer – Stem Cells and Cloning: presentation for Datex-Ohmeda. Discusses the science and potential benefits of human embryonic stem cell (hES cell) research, the pro-life argument against it, the question of the moral status of the fetus, a variety of attempts to argue in favor of hES cell research consistently with the pro-life view of the moral status of the fetus, the relationship between hES cell research and therapeutic cloning, and briefly summarizes the recent work (now known to be fraudulent) by South Korean scientists Woo Suk Hwang and Shin Yong Moon, who were the first to claim the succesful cloning of a human being and the extraction hES cell from the resulting embryo.
  • Streiffer on HES Cells.ppt:  “What’s All the Brouhaha about Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research?” Presented for the Wisconsin Idea-Exploration in the Sciences Series. Download the file by right-clicking on the link and selecting “Save Target As”. Once on your hard drive, double-click it to open it (you will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view it.).  Although it will prompt you for a password when you try to open it, just click the “Read-Only” button to bypass the password request.
  • Streiffer on HES Cells95.ppt: Same as above, saved in PowerPoint 95, 97-2000 format.
  • Ethics and Wild Rice: An analysis of Ojibwa objections to wild rice genomics work taking place at the University of Minnesota.

Sampler for Graduate Students on the Philosophy Job Market

  • Sampler (pdf): Contains samples of cover letters, my C. V., and other useful items for grads going on the market.


  • On Frege’s definition of ‘x is an ancestor of y in the f-sequence’
  • On Frege’s argument that arithmetic is not a posteriori
  • On Frege’s argument that names have both a sense and a referent
  • On how is it possible, according to Russell, to know that P without knowing P
  • On Russell and Ramsey on truth bearers
  • On Wittgenstein on meaning and mental images
  • On Chapter 3 of Goodman’s Fact, Fiction, and Forecast
  • On Moore’s “A Defense of Common Sense”
  • A handout for the above note
  • On Austin’s discussion in “Sense and Sensibilia” of Ayer
  • On Smart’s “Sensations and Brain Processes”
  • On civil disobedience and the scienists at Los Alamos
  • On health care technology and ethics
  • Half of a talk I gave with Tony Gray on just war theory
  • On Judy Thomson’s half of Moral Relativism & Moral Objectivity
  • On Ch. 8 “Relativism” and Appendix on Williams, in Scanlon’s What We Owe To Each Other
  • Handout on Rachel’s “Active and Passive Euthanasia”
  • On utilitarian versus Kantian ethics for med students’ noon lectures